HackerOne Sponsorship Request Form

Do you have a conference in mind? Are you an organizer? Would you like HackerOne to be part of your favorite con? Well, HackerOne is excited for the opportunity to sponsor your event!

Please fill out the form below to answer our basic questions. If the event meets our minmum qualifications, we will respond asking for additional information. Please keep in mind that we can only sponsor events that we have at least 60 days notice for.

Thanks for your interest and time! We hope to be able to partner with you in your event.

Note: As of March 2024, HackerOne is currently pausing the acceptace of inbound sponsorship requests. If you would like to submit an application for our backlog, feel free to complete this form, but do not expect to hear back at this time. 

Note that we cannot support events less than 60 days away.