HackerOne Brand Ambassador Program


HackerOne brand ambassadors are leaders. You get hackers together to hack, learn and earn as a group. The Brand Ambassador program is HackerOne’s newest program built to empower you to empower the community. 

Being a HackerOne ambassador gives you the opportunity to get hackers together in your city. To share knowledge, learn together, hack together, serve your community together. As a Hacker Brand Ambassador, you will be an extension of the HackerOne community team helping to answer questions on hacking or the platform, sharing tips and tricks on education and resources while building up or expanding your leadership skills. In addition to this resume booster, you’ll get to expand your network of hackers in your local area. The responsibility is  great as you will be the owner of a hacking chapter in your city. 

You will have the freedom to determine a format that works best for you and your community. You will be supported in events, activities, competitions and more If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, keep reading and apply below.

Requirements to apply:

Bonus if you have proven involvement with the local hacking community (at any local conference, BSides volunteer, OWASP chapters, defcon groups, other groups) and if you are educational-focused and driven to share knowledge and collaborate with others! 


Example of chapter activities that you could host!

Do you have an idea that isn’t on here? You can certainly share your idea with HackerOne staff and they’ll help bring your idea to life!

How to Apply 

Complete the form below and add as much information about you and your background as possible. 

If an ambassador already exists for your local area, we might first recommend you join that club. As we grow and expand, we will open it up to open more than one club per local area. You can check where we have existing ambassadors in this post.

If you have applied in the previous opening and you were not selected, this doesn't mean you can't apply again sharing any new experiences. Please feel free to do so.

Questions? Please contact h1-ambassadors@hackerone.com.

Please have in mind that applications are open through the whole year, but we recruit new ambassadors anually. Ambassadors have already been selected in the 2024 selection round, so we expect onboarding new ambassadors next year (2025). Thanks!

 You may opt out of receiving communication from our team at any time by contacting us here.