HackerOne was Proud to Sponsor Bug Hunt!

Remonsec shares the most recent event put on by Bug Bounty Community Bangladesh. Check out how HackerOne Ambassadors are supporting global events.

First, a shout-out to the winners at Bug Hunt! Congratulations are in order for these dedicated hackers:

1st: n1ghtmar3_2421
2nd: Osrafi
3rd: 0x_saikat


What is Bug Hunt?

This is a yearly event of Bug Bounty Community Bangladesh. HackerOne living hacking events inspired the communal elements of this BugHunt. To put it simply, hackers meet with each other and hack. However, instead of the event based on a program, we designed an intentionally vulnerable company to challenge participants. The inspiration and design for the challenges also come from another company, BugBountyHunter.

What did hackers get a chance to learn at this event?

Attending an on-site event is always beneficial to improve communication and networking. Hackers had the opportunity to meet with other hackers and grow their networks. Besides that, we also brought in top talent from multiple countries to present talks at our conference. We wanted to create a place our community could benefit both technically and non-technically.

Is there somewhere hackers can go to view the panels you hosted?

We created a youtube channel (Bug Bounty Community Bangladesh) this year to put the conference talks in one place! There's also content from previous engagements we have done. We hope you can check it out!


Tell me what it means to be powered by BugBountyHunter?

If you're curious about how we tackled some of these challenges, I suggest checking out their site! It's a great place to hone your skills; we are thrilled to have worked with them. The event challenges were powered through their efforts. 

What was the primary goal of this event? 

When this event started, we aimed to bring hacker culture to our country and have fun by doing what we love. It was previously a private event when it started, because we were securing funding on our own. However, companies like HackerOne and BugBountyHunter joined us and changed the game. Now, it's one of the most significant national infosec events bringing hackers together every year! We achieved more than we could have expected for some hackers just looking to have a good time.


What's the plan for the future?

The plan for the future is so simple; keep up with events like this, no matter what. As a non-profit organization, our main goal will remain the same-- bring more events like these to our community. We want to work to improve our own quality and performance as we grow, too. Expansion is something we see on the horizon after this event. This will happen by connecting with more of the international community. We want more hackers, more communities, and more events. Enough said.