Ambassador Spotlight: Encryptsaan123


What made you want to become an ambassador? 

There are several reasons why I decided to become an ambassador at HackerOne. Firstly, I am passionate about ethical hacking and bug bounty. Being an ambassador at HackerOne allows me to actively contribute to this mission by connecting with other superb hackers and promoting ethical hacking in Odisha and its nearest locations. HackerOne is a well-respected platform that gave me recognition in my respective field. I struggled a lot in my early stages, getting into bug bounties. I failed and learned. I have realized that apart from the "hard work," we need a mentor who can make the path easier. For me being an ambassador is a reimbursement to the community. It is why HackerOne says, "Together, We hit harder."

Why do you think people should join this program?

The HackerOne brand ambassador program is a golden opportunity for people interested in cybersecurity and ethical hacking. As a brand ambassador, you will always have the chance to work with HackerOne and hackers around the globe. Additionally, working with people sporting different methodologies and expertise can enhance your hacking skills. Sometimes you will learn techniques only found in this group. Being an ambassador, you can be a "moon" graced with hacking "stars" in the "universe" of cyber security.


What is your role as an ambassador?

We should always reimburse the knowledge back to the community which we got from it. My role as an ambassador is to establish a community of hackers and assemble them to promote and educate the hacker community in our region through meet-ups & security events. We also help people explore the HackerOne platform and the benefits of using it as a researcher and organization.

What is the hacking scene like in your city/region?

When I started the journey, there were few people in this field. But with time, the hype has grown. I have crossed paths with awesome hackers from my region, but still, more unseen people need help trying to succeed in their ethical hacking careers (especially in bug bounties). I aim to help these people get more exposure to their careers. 

What was your last meet-up about?

The last meet-up was Bsides Delhi, held on Nov 11, 2022. Events like these are always a great place to gain knowledge from experienced pros in the community. I participated in some quiz competitions and won swag from "Razorpay." In addition, I met a few of my friends and made new acquaintances; together, we created great memories that I'll cherish until we meet again.


How consistently do you meet up? Do you have a predetermined location?

Due to Covid, I was not able to have much. So I want to create as many meet-ups as possible to make up for that this year. I aim to cover every single significant event coming up. However, I am also planning on multiple meet-ups in our local area to discuss future events.  


Have you ever hacked a program as a team?

Yes, I have collaborated many times on public bug bounty programs, and it was fruitful every time. That's a good source for enhancing efficiency, expertise, and success ratio.

What do you believe brings most people into hacking?

Passion brings most people (including me) into hacking— making a difference with a desire to provide a positive impact by securing cyberspace. But, on the other hand, people are also attracted to the fame and wealth it can bring to one's life.

How did you feel about the Ambassador World Cup?

I was keeping an eye on the ambassador's World Cup. I didn't participate last time, but I am excited about the upcoming one! We have made a strong team of hackers in our club. The ambassador World Cup was a great thing introduced by HackerOne. We were looking forward to a great experience and competing with other top clubs.

What other events would you like to see in the future?

With the latest update, HackerOne has 40 brand ambassadors. I would like to see HackerOne hosting Security Conferences for All the brand ambassadors. Initially, it can be virtual. We can host it physically if it turns out to be a successful event. Meeting leaders from various regions and understanding their stories can be helpful for everyone to bring up new ideas for their club. The event name can be "The Ambassadors-Meetup."


What makes an ambassador community successful?

When you lead a community, you must help everyone grow together. We can't expect everyone to be an expert in the community. However, we should understand everyone's strengths and weaknesses to utilize them and work more on strengthening skills. The members of the club are equal to their leader. With their cooperation and responsibilities, a community can reach new heights of success.

What can you offer to people just starting in bug bounty?

For a new bug hunter, it takes a lot of work to find a proper path and a syllabus to follow. We can mentor them properly by starting their journey with bug bounties and providing beginner-friendly resources. They can always reach us for any doubts and confusion they may face. They will also benefit from the hacking events and meet-ups we will have in our local region. As we have many experienced people, we will often share tips and blogs for bug bounty in our private groups-- which will help them sharpen their skills. 

As I said earlier, the next thing I want is a "Brand Ambassador Meet-Up." It would also be great to have a scholarship program for newbies with financial issues.