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2 ago 2024

Educational Workshop

Sydney - Hacking on Bug Bounties for 10 Years - First In Person Meetup

First Bug Bounty meetup in Sydney, Australia. Hosted at UNSW. Watch Shubs talk about some bug bounty adventures and socials after :)


👋 Welcome to the Australia HackerOne Club!

Our mission is to create a welcoming community of hackers from all backgrounds and experience levels. We want to provide a space where hackers can learn from each other and collaborate.

This chapter is specifically designed for people within this region, and our brand ambassador(s) are responsible for organizing various events. These events may cover different topics, such as Hacking meetups, CTFs, conference attendance, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) events, and more.

Please feel free to join this club by clicking the blue "Join" button at the top. You'll never miss an event in your region again.

No previous experience is required, and we welcome hackers and learners of all levels of experience and interest areas.

From now on, this chapter will be your go-to place for finding events in your region.

Thank you, and Happy hacking! 🚀

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