DrSniper Hosts Bug Hunting 101 Workshop at CRACCON’24

Jan 28, 4:30 – 8:30 AM

DrSniper shares his tips and secrets for being successful at bug hunting. Register at https://www.crac-learning.com/craccon/workshop/bugbountyworkshop

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About this event!


Brief overview of Bug Bounty programs

Importance of reconnaissance in identifying vulnerabilities

Why Recon is Important for Bug Bounty Targets?

Understanding the significance of reconnaissance in bug hunting

Real-world examples of successful bug discoveries through effective recon

How recon contributes to a more targeted and efficient bug hunting process

Passive Recon

Definition and explanation of passive reconnaissance

Tools and techniques for passive recon (e.g., OSINT, WHOIS, DNS enumeration)

Demonstration of using passive recon for information gathering on bug bounty targets

Active Recon

Definition and explanation of active reconnaissance

Tools and techniques for active recon (e.g., scanning, enumeration, fingerprinting)

Demonstrating the use of active recon to discover potential vulnerabilities

Reporting Bugs on HackerOne

Identifying the right vulnerabilities to report

Strategies to avoid duplicate submissions

Tips for crafting effective bug reports

Understanding the HackerOne platform and its submission process

Case studies of successful bug reports and their impact

How to Avoid Duplicates and Increase Success?

Collaboration and communication within the bug bounty community

Using version control to track reported issues

Understanding the target's security policies and bug bounty program guidelines

Continuous learning and adapting to new attack surfaces



Sunday, January 28, 2024
4:30 AM – 8:30 AM UTC


  • Herane Malhotra


  • Rohit Yadav


  • Udit Thakkur

    The SecOpsGroup, UK


  • Jatin Nandwana


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